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Hello, we're Alan and Catherine Moore - the creative design team behind Alley Cat Design Studio's reclaimed wood artwork, home and garden decor.  We love all aspects of nature - being active outdoors, enjoying all the Ozarks seasons by camping, canoeing and hiking year-round. Nature and all her beautiful colors and textures inspire us to create. We feel privileged to live and work at home on five rocky acres of towering oak and hickory trees and are frequently entertained by a whole slew of wild animals... deer, fox, raccoons, possums, turkeys, groundhogs, gray        squirrels  and nearly every bird imaginable.                                                                      Every now and then our grandkids stop by.  


It would be very easy to sit back in our little corner of land, blissfully ignorant of the world around us. But we can't. The truth is... we are alarmed by the amount of good building materials that is being hauled to area landfills every day and the number of trees that are     being cut down to feed the  world's insatiable appetite for lumber. 

Trees literally affect everything around us -  the quality of air we breathe, the water we drink and  the food we eat. 

With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, Alan has seen his share of good, viable material being senselessly thrown away only to be replaced with newer, less quality lumber.  Maybe we can't change the world overnight. But we can make a difference, however small it may be - by choosing to live more consciously - by being more aware of the resources that we use in our everyday lives and those that we so carelessly throw away. So, we've made a choice to seek out these materials to make our artwork and home decor.  

Our hope is you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them.

Circa 1890 -1960 reclaimed wood and our love of art and contemporary design


We tear down old houses, barns, sheds and fences that storms, neglect and time have weakened or damaged beyond repair and salvage most everything we can - from doors, windows, flooring, lath and lumber - even those  being thrown away or burned by folks  who don't care or simply don't know what else to do -  to create our uniquely simple, original contemporary artwork, home and garden decor items.  

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We  encourage anyone shopping for modern rustic wall art or vertical succulent planter boxes to please consider the importance of buying vintage or products made from genuine reclaimed wood.  Not only will the history of these items add interest and character and soul to your home... it's good for us all. It's good for the Earth.

Buying Custom Artwork doesn't mean you have to pay more.

It means you get what you want.
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